Angela Lamprianidou


Angela Lamprianidou is a Greek choreographer and performer with German and Spanish roots. She studied choreography and new techniques of interpretation at the “Institut del Teatre” in Barcelona, where she lived for thirteen years (2000-2013). Since 2014 she lives and works in Berlin. During her studies she was awarded the Matricula de Honor in composition, staging and dance history. She also studied dentistry at the Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen and yoga coach at the Shrivivek Centrum in Barcelona. In the last 10 years, Angela Lamprianidou has created the pieces “Tanz hin Tanz her”, “Appointment on Stage”, “SITz”, “Alihop”, “Tongue”, “Back to Emotion”, among others. She has worked at theatres such as Mercat de les Flors Barcelona, Teatre National Barcelona, Antic Teatre Barcelona, Ponec Theatre Prague and Ballhaus Ost Berlin. Angela Lamprianidou won the “Dansa mes a prob” award with her piece “Sit” and was a finalist in the “No Ballet” choreography competition in Ludwigshafen. She won the “Baltic Movement Contest” in Gdansk, Poland with the piece “Charles and the others” in collaboration with Mireia de Querol. She was lately seen as a dancer in September 2021 in the production “The Body memory Opera”, at the Theatre in Delphi Berlin.

As a lecturer for choreography and performance she works nationally and internationally (2008-2021) at universities and dance schools such as Friedrich-Alexander-Univeristät für Theater und Medienwissenschaften in Erlangen, Shonney Center for Arts in Bangalore India, Marameo, IKSK, Xplore Berlin and Tatwerk Berlin.

Her pieces are shown at festivals such as Fete de la Danse Yverdon Switzerland, Saanfestival Oslo, Musrara Festival Israel, Sommerdanstage Trompø Norway, Booze cooperativa Athens and Mercat de les Flors Barcelona. As a dancer she has worked with Carol Brown, Tomeus Verges, Santiago Sampere, Alexandra Rauh, Yago Pericot and Roger Bernat, Selina Thüring and others.

Furthermore, she also works in the field of energy healing and the holistic view of the human being and founded her own method “You Are The Point” in 2018. Her individual background as a dentist, choreographer and yoga -energy coach allows her to put science into practice and to share this. Her “Melange a Trois” is a walking inspiration for her art: “The only thing that is true is change; breathing-moving-feeling”.

Since 2019, she successfully runs the artist residency HomEmotion in Athens, which she created, collaborating with the theatre and gallery Booze Cooperativa and the artistic collective La Fabrika.



The jaw, the temporomandibular joint, the mouth, the teeth, the muscles in the surrounding anatomical fields – they are all connected to all other joints and organs.

Why do people use this joint? To de-stress, to express oneself, to get sexually excited! The entrance to the oral cavity is used, among other things, for eating, speaking, singing, sexual arousal. An almost constantly active articulation that cries out to be relaxed. 

Jaw Release is thus a melange of Somatic Sensing, Dance, Breathwork, all in a conjunction of action and reaction. The relaxation of the joint and surrounding muscular groups lead to a palpable toning of your being and self.

Many people suffer from the consequences of teeth grinding or clenching, and often have little knowledge about this joint that affects the whole body: skeleton, muscles, organs and emotions. This small musculoskeletal system can cause extreme discomfort and mood swings. Sexual repression can also be closely related to clenching.In my view, the jaw joint stands as a metaphor for life: Nourishment, Communication, Movement: „If you can let go of the jaw, you can surrender, you can flow…“

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