The next xplore Berlin date is confirmed: 28-30.07.2023!

The programme is in the making and soon you will find here the information about the presenters, workshops and offers for 2023 instead of the memories of 2022.

You can already register for xplore Berlin 2023. To do so, simply follow the instructions on the subpage “Tickets”.

Hello dear xploreBerlin 2022 participant!

Only two days left until this year’s xploreBerlin starts! Please familiarise yourself (once again) with the contents on the website. There you will find information about the presenters, their offers and the location, our Xtras and the catering options. You will also now find an up-to-date schedule and venue information.


To register, please sign in at reception with the full name of the person who booked your ticket. The list at the reception is sorted by the first names of the bookings.

Check-In is possible at the following times:

  • Thursday (21.07.22) 17.00 – 19.30 (Pre-CheckIn)
  • Friday (22.07.22) from 09.30 (please expect waiting times)
  • Saturday (23.07.22) from 10.00 onwards
  • Sunday (24.07.22) from 10.00 onwards

Each participant must wear a control band on the body (wrist or ankle) – no entry without band! It is not possible to attach the control band to the bag or similar.


We, the founders of the xplore, see the xplore festival not only as a sex positive festival, but also as a political, social and ecological gathering. For this reason, we have long chosen to produce as little plastic and similar waste as possible and not to offer products from companies with questionable ecological or ethical practices. Our catering suppliers support this by using mainly reusable or degradable materials. Please ensure that these are disposed of or recycled properly!

Of course, you are also welcome to bring your own food. However, please take your resulting waste home again or do not bring it at all!


All events start on time! If an event is already full, you always have a variety of alternative options. You can visit other events or the PlaySpaces.

All events will be offered at least twice, so with good planning there is the possibility to participate in almost all offered events during the whole festival.


We ask all participants to bring their own large (sauna) bath towel as a underlay as well as the materials they need for safe and joyful sex-positive interaction!

At some events, participants are also asked to bring their own materials (SM/sex toys, ropes, blankets, towels, yoga mat, etc.). Please check the event descriptions for more information.


It is strictly forbidden to take your own photos and videos at xplore. If you violate this rule, you will be expelled from the event.

We have an official xploreBerlin 2022 photographer! If you do not want to appear on a photo, you can of course inform the photographer at any time.


Please respect that the adjoining meadow is a public area where normal public traffic will continue and children may also be present.

We therefore ask for appropriate thoughtfulness outside the rooms and spaces (no nudity, no sexual acts).

We look forward to seeing you and wish you an exciting and eventful xploreBerlin 2022 Festival!



After 2 years of C crisis, we will be hopefully able to host a Berlin xplore under normal conditions this year. Many of us have experienced tensions, fears, losses and separations during these times and it is a great need for us to open again a space of relaxation, security, gifts and getting together. This year’s program is therefore entirely dedicated to the feeling of “Geborgenheit”, one of the most beautiful words of the German language which could be translated maybe as “To feel safe, at home”. We will therefore focus on well-being and restoration, on communication and understanding, on experiencing warmth, closeness and trust.

We have invited many people whom we have not seen for a long time – and often missed very much. We wish for a coming home, a collective licking of wounds. We look forward to a celebration of magical moments as they can only be created in the sexpositive space of xplore.

Welcome to our castle!

There has also been a change in the team. Uscha and Delta have retired, their tasks will be taken over by Anna and Jana this year. We thank the two xplore co-founders from the bottom of our hearts for these years of successful collaboration – and all the fun we had as well.

Berlin, April 2022

Felix, Anna, Jana and the xplore team


Our presenters

doc henry 2
Doc Henry
Reinhard Gaida
Reinhard Gaida
Krista Bella & Troels Kolster
Juliette Dragon
Juliette Dragon
Anja & Jana
saara rei
Saara Rei
Beate Absalon
Beate Absalon
massage shadow
Fux Wolf
Gisela Fux Wolf
Angela Lamprianidou
Angela Lamprianidou
anarella + ruben
Anarella Martinez-Madrid & Il Ruh
matthias gockel
Matthias Gockel
itay ganot
Itay Ganot
Frauke Spangenberg
Matís d’Arc
Matís d’Arc
janine vivianne
Janina Vivianne
Alexander Hahne
Alexander Hahne
Swen Brandy
Sharka Rey
Sharka Rey
karina kehlet lins
Karina Kehlet Lins
Sir Simon Henry
Sir Simon Henry
ollie dielemann
Ollie Dieleman
felix ruckert
Felix Ruckert
micha stella
Micha Stella
seani love
Seani Love
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