Krista Bella & Troels Kolster

Krista Bella: Since participating in Xplore Copenhagen in 2017 I had my eyes open for the endless nasty fun and edgy play possible. And the games never stopped. I have been part of building the sex-positive community in Copenhagen by arranging sex-positive Burns with a group of like minded freaks. I have also been arranging intimate sex-positive gatherings and play spaces. As a professional I am working with women, both in groups and individually on how to express and free up your energy sexually.

Troels Kolster is the founder of Sex-Positive Laboratory Sessions, an interactive and co-creative sex-positive laboratory for playful exploration and investigation of ourselves and others. His main focus is exploring the space where body, sexuality, kink and relations intersect. He also runs the penis workshop where sexuality and life in general are examined through the lenses of the anatomy of penises.


SWITCHING & POWERPLAY – I’m just fucking with you

Picture the brute energy and power dynamic of two siblings having a full go at each other. We will investigate the build-up of tension through physical and mental powerplay.

We communicate through teasing, restraining, impact and edging as art forms. Humiliation, shame, anger and taboos are woven into the play and thereby exposed into the open. Gender roles are torn and mashed into unknown parts in the process.

The mind games turn very physical when a reaction occurs and the mental and physical power dynamic between the players switch in an intuitive and unforseeably manner.

Krista and Troels are your two siblings for this workshop.

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