Frauke Spangenberg & Doris Reinholz


Frauke Spangenberg: I am a Photo-Artist, naked bodywork Shamanix, and Ritualist. I am curious about creating conditions and visually arousing settings in which immersive, erotic, and spiritual experiences can unfold. 

Photography thereby intensifies the experience for the one who dives in, as self-awareness is hightened while being consciously-witnessed. Photography in its nature claims to “prove” the existence of reality: it claims “It was like this”. Was it? We may reflect after our research-shop on how we experienced our immersion, expression of immersion and the visual reference of it.

Recently, I co-founded INTAEGER SALON FOR SENSUALITIES (Salon für Sinnlichkeiten & natürliche Ästhetik) in Leipzig – a space for Musing & Massage, inspired sexuality & transcendental experiences.


Salon für Sinnlichkeiten Leipzig:

doris reinholz

I am Doris Reinholz, a lover of the bizarre and the abysmal. Gestalt therapy, systemic (ancestor) work and the body theater Butoh form the foundation of my own research and the accompaniment of my clients in being and becoming human. This includes the encounter with what we do not consider human at first, or at least not valuable, because it triggers fear, aggression, shame and disgust in us. At the same time, it sparks fascination and desire in us. It is exactly at this threshold that my work begins. What does it take to feel safe there? And what is preferred? Security or curiosity?

Butoh, a body theater originating from Japan, is a pleasing research tool here, which I have been using in performances and workshops for years. Butoh wants to rebel, to be intangible and to constantly provoke itself anew. Social norms are broken, aesthetics are redefined or their dominance in society is consistently neglected through whimsical forms of movement. Butoh, which translated means “dance of darkness”, sees it as its task to discuss the dark sides and abominations of society in blunt movement language. But Butoh is anything but dreary and dark. Through the abstract language of movement, the dance breaks the straightness of the mind, the dancer learns to see with the body. In this way, thoughts and emotions for which the mind finds no expression receive their attention. A holistic resonance field is created and liveliness can flow freely again.      



The workshop is a guided crossover research of photography and Butoh/somatic bodywork with a focus on healing, combined with dark light setting, a seemingly endless string of beads and probably Shibari – an individual and collective body exploration. The pearl is read as a symbol for the transformed shadow. The hypothesis is that we all have this “primal wound” – this core wound that may never fully heal. And as soon as we come into contact with this most vulnerable aspect of ourselves, it is at the same time our treasure, which we can embody and give to the world. Visiting this innermost cave promises to also align us with our unique magic as healers.  How can it be pleasurable to touch these inner places that we normally avoid? How can beauty (aesthetics) be “helpful” and influence how we (re)interpret the process afterwards?

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