Future Ghosts


Alex daily navigates his own racialised and colonised experiences while supporting others to find and walk the edges of their freedom and subjection. He also mines his wounds around masculinity to support communities wanting to respond to gender-based harm without recreating it.


Ceridwen, a white, cis, English/British creative conflict practitioner, learning to live with being socialised and racialised (with privilege) in a colonising country. Ceridwen creates spaces for conflict to be journeyed through and grief to be expressed.  Ceridwen presented at Xplore Berlin 2019 and loved Xplore CPN in 2017. https://thepleasurecompass.wordpress.com/

This collaboration is based on our emergent experiences of trying to find and feed joy in hanging out together.

The name Future Ghosts comes from the song ‘Bang Melodically Bang’ by Chicago artist, Ben LaMar Gay: Both Gay’s music in general and this song in particular have richly inspired us in forming connection through and across difference. We take from this song that we are bound to hurt each other and that through giving a fuck, we can hope to tend old wounds and not create new ones.



We are swimming in a sea of heartbreak when we try to connect across positions of power. We are enmeshed in histories and structures of separation: patriarchy, colonialism, capitalism. 

There’s no way to connect and be close except through the waters we all swim in. We have to contend with the histories that militate against our being together freely. Love is not counter to systemic influences, it’s filtered through them. And as people seeking liberation, we cannot think ourselves free, we have to ultimately experience freedom in our bodies.

This session is a voyage into our wounds and an emergence from them; it’s an exploration of the connective and erotic potential of vulnerability and what it feels like to share the burden of pain across different power positions. 

We are all ghosts in each other’s futures.

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