Alexander Hahne

Alexander Hahne

Alexander Hahne (he/ him), gay trans man, sex educator (gsp), somatic counselor, sexological bodyworker (ISB), dancer and pleasure activist. Leader of workshops and individual counselling on the topics of body awareness, intimacy and sexuality. Speaker for trans-specific topics in the field of sexual health. With my work I make a practical contribution to more visibility and inclusion of trans and non-binary people. Furthermore, I directly support them in their own experience of the body as well as the possibility of uncovering and using access to their own pleasurable potential.


CUMING HOME – w_h_oreshipping our diverse bodies. Rituals of embrace and gratitude.

Dear beloved genitals and yes, you too body… How are you? Oh… you are mad at me? Ah… ’cause only other people pay attention to you. Hhmm… I see… Ok. We can change that. Let’s w_h_oreship our diverse bodies. Darling, no judging – only observing. OK, hands too. Especially a lot of sensing and a little talking.

This workshop contains explicit looks and own touches of genitals. If ok, another person witnesses you. Nudity and jerking off if desired.

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