Sharka Rey

sharka rey

Sharka Rey is a Czech born and Basel-based alternative sex educator, bodyworker, yoga teacher, performer, international retreat & workshop organiser, with experience in, and passion for, body mechanics, movement, dance, contact improvisation, theatre & voice improvisation, meditation, breath work, and martial arts. Sharka enjoys a multidisciplinary approach to life, and that is also reflected in her work, her studio “ThePlace2Be” in Basel, and also her current study of Master degree in Changing Societies at Basel University with a focus on sexual culture and its rituals.



The idea behind this workshop is based on feeling honestly happy for your partner`s happiness. Now, my question is, what about their sexual pleasure? Can you imagine to feel a sexual pleasure for your partner`s previously experienced sexual pleasure with another person? How does it sound? Could it be possibly another level towards getting even closer to your partner in order to establish a deeper, stronger, long/er lasting level of intimacy? Are you curious to genuinely share your partner’s pleasure?

I am inviting you to exchange your fear for curiosity, your doubt for confidence and trust, sexual exclusivity for inclusivity, and your already existing love for more love.
Your pleasure is my pleasure – thank you.

(This workshop is designed for couples)

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