Maliz & Sir Simon Henry


Maliz: Growing up in conflict with and separation from overly restrictive norms, I have been living in open relationships since the beginning of the millennium, and have been developing in a changing BDSM biography for almost 10 years.

Professionally, my path led from sociology & philosophy to social science. I started to get bored of staring at the screen, doing statistical analysis, even though I still value research to this day. At the same time, however, the desire to work directly with people grew. My own kinky experiences and observations in the scene showed me that neutral, professional contact points were needed. Since 2017, I have been training as a coach and am currently finding valuable additions to my work as a kink coach in my training as a sex therapist. It is a pleasure to accompany people in their exciting development. Many do not dare to live out the fullness of their sexual spectrum. I would like to contribute to more diversity of ways of living and loving.

Sir Simon Henry

Magister Simon Henry (pronouns: Simon, they/them) first led kinky workshops in 2017, on Playfighting. With Simon’s background in linguistics and various creative fields, the workshops usually have a focus on communication and a sideways glance at aesthetics.

Previous workshop topics: Kinky Massage, D/S Dynamics, Needleplay, Playfighting, Spanking.

Simon’s current interest is not so much in the individual sessions or techniques, but in achieving “depth of play”, through building mutual trust and attention. Simon has been living in open relationships and polyamorous since 2013.


PLAY RELATIONSHIPS (lecture with discussion and interactive elements)

What is the difference between a play relationship and a “real” relationship? How do I find a play relationship that suits me? What potential does it have for pleasure, fun and joy? What emotional dangers are inherent in it? How can I communicate my needs? With small exercises, the lecture leads into a discussion about your experiences and perspectives.


WORSHIP! Oh godlike creature!

Our culture often instils in us: make yourself small and think of yourself as ugly and insufficient. Let’s put an end to that.

Worship your earlobe, your gender or that of your partner and pay attention to other unnoticed parts of your body with language and touch, especially the small “flaws”! This paves the way to self-love and love for others. In the workshop, we will ultimately bring physical self-love into the light in order to expand our own sexual experience.

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