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“Doc Henry” has been giving workshops for Kinksters for 16 years. He is a general medical practitioner and a specialist in anaesthesia. He has been involved with acupuncture since 1982, practising it in pain therapy and in surgical procedures to minimise the use of anaesthetics. Between 1980 and 2005 he dealt with tantric sexuality and taught in private settings how to control one’s sexual reactions, e.g. to enable longer intimate togetherness, to intensify orgasms and above all to deal with all this in a relaxed and mindful way.

Because he had to deal with avoidable accidents in the field of DS/SM again and again, he began in 2006 with workshops on anatomy and first aid for SM practitioners as well as with safety trainings for special areas, such as needles.

Further connected to Tantra, courses on erotic stimulation, squirting and genital anatomy followed – but also on session set-up, design and aftercare. He is co-founder of the SM Academy Berlin, which only employs people with own SM experience and solid background knowledge as lecturers, so that the participants are guaranteed to benefit.


FIRST AID FOR KINKSTERS – for beginners & experienced persons, for active & passive players

This course aims to reduce the risk of injury during SM/DS activities and increase knowledge of particularly sensitive areas of the body and their stimulation. Often injuries occur due to ignorance of the risks, lack of anatomical knowledge, unsterile procedures and wrong reactions when something happens. The references to dangers are not meant to spoil your fun – on the contrary: if you know what should be left out and also what goes largely without problems, you will be able to play much more relaxed and creatively!

You can’t learn anatomy through theory, words and pictures alone. The participants should therefore feel the points and structures discussed on themselves and others (e.g. a partner they have brought along). Therefore light clothing is advantageous (e.g. lungi, wrap).

During the course you can (and should!) ask questions at any time. The course is led by a doctor who is himself active in the S&M scene. He attaches importance to a lively exchange and will answer your questions in an understandable way and without “technical jargon”.

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