Ceridwen: I am a Certified Trainer in Nonviolent Communication and a creative conflict practitioner, mediating with and skilling up people in various kinds of organisations, relationship structures and social settings. 

I am learning to understand and transform power relations in the world and strive to facilitate healing from destructive patterns and habits. 

A lot of my conflict work boils down to one thing; creating safer spaces to allow the free expression of grief and to increase capacity to hear it.




This is a space to meet our grief with the passionate practice of Wailing. 

Wailing is a raw, primal, energising, cathartic, nonverbal, embodied expression of grief. 

This session plays with these guiding principles: 

  • that sound alchemises pain,
  • that the voice needs to emerge slowly, without forcing,
  • that this is a being space, rather than a doing space,
  • that when the body creates sound, there’s less danger of harm,
  • that we welcome the small sounds as well as the big (grief can arrive like a butterfly landing on your hand),
  • that sound needs space (it’s got to be able to move; these are sounds that have been silenced; more than anything they need space),
  • that the receiving of sound can be expansive and healing

About Grief

Grief is necessary. Grief serves life.

Grief is often repressed, ignored and people try to, or are encouraged to ‘move on from it’. 

Grief is also a form of love. 

Grief happens when we have loved and lost people and things that are dear to us.

We can also grieve for parts of ourselves that we have lost, or have never fully known.

Grief is what we can do when we have tried everything else and we are stuck

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