Anja & Jana & Stefano


Anja and Jana are siblings and founders of the institute “LOMI AUSBILDUNG BERLIN”. They give seminars internationally for Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage and personality development. As certified breath therapists they have specialised in integrating Rebirthing breathwork into bodywork.

Anja and Jana love to share their knowledge while remaining “learners on journeys” themselves: Familiar for many years with ritualised play using Lomi and Tantra massage, they open their treasure chest full of experiences.

With “KINKY LOMI” they let the best of both worlds merge: to a seamless connection of “lustful play, trust and protection”, embedded in a MASSAGERITUAL in a sensual tension field of “power and surrender”.

What they really want:
More vibrancy, playfulness and courage for honest, creative pleasure in relationships! – KINKY LOMI: Berlin, Zürich, Freiburg – LOMI MASSAGE AUSBILDUNG: Berlin


Stefano Taiuti is a performance artist, Butoh dancer and teacher, mime actor, and massage therapist.

He practiced a wide range of disciplines as contemporary mime, ballet, contemporary dance, floor work, contact improvisation, capoeira, qi gong, tai chi, judo, instant composition, yoga. Since 1994 his main interest is in japanese Butoh dance.

Throughout over 30 years Stefano explored the body in motion as an expressive tool, studying with internationally renowned Mime teachers and Butoh masters and thus developing his own methodology. He teaches “The spiritual mechanism” at IKSK ; his class is a unique approach to dance and self-discovery that integrates western movement analyses focused on the visible, and Butoh to explore the invisible, the subtle, what is behind the movement and generate it.

As a Massage therapist Stefano fuses his deep knowledge of the body with Lomi Lomi, trigger points and Swedish massage in a somatic and holistic approach, offering sessions from “Soul wellness massages to Kinky Lomi”.

Born in Rome in 1967 and based in Berlin since 2015.


KINKY LOMI MASSAGE – RITUAL “Playing with love and demons“

Surrendering into loving hands. Into their warm, soothing touch. Broad flowingstrokes over and under your whole body. Like being embraced by the ocean’s swirling waves and its silent depths. Feeling grounded. Deeply touched. And then: Smack! Its vibrations radiating in your bones. The tingling afterwards. Feeling vitalized. And at the same time: A feeling of surrender in the midst of security. Release responsibility. The mind gets carried away by this mingling of sensations.

When two worlds meet…

We will take you to the world of Hawaiian massage in all its dimensions.

In the past two years we have all left established paths, at least many of us have. Touch, closeness and intimacy have given way to longing. Old feelings are still stuck in the body. How do we meet each other in a new way?

In the sphere of “pleasure and play, trust and belonging” we want to create space for the release of retained emotions. How liberating this can be! To feel again the body in its entirety, its aliveness and intensity. Your own heart. Connectedness. Control can turn into surrender, fear can dissolve into trust. New spaces of experience open up. We play with the moment, rest in it and enjoy its preciousness. Our map is body & soul. Our tools are courage and intuition.


If the demons, such as anger and sadness, dare to come out, we are prepared for it to face them with curiosity and the necessary respect. We will give you impulses how you can find a YES in yourself towards your power and passion for intimacy and devotion. Come with us on the path of joy and lively desire! You choose the intensity of your experience.


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